I had purchased an R230 with the intent of replacing my R720. After flashing the IT firmware, I was ready to move the install.

Preparing Unraid

There was almost no preperation that needed to be done on my R720. Since I only had a Docker instance and no VMs, all I had to do was disable autostart on the Docker instance. I was then able to shut down the system and begin moving over the hardware.

Moving the Hardware

I thought this would’ve been the easiest step. The drive trays from my R720 fit the R230, but not without force. I had an orginal drive tray, and it slid in easily. I ended up using that original tray with my last drive as I couldn’t get any of my other sleds in.

Booting up the New Server

The system was already set to boot with BIOS instead of UEFI. I disabled all other boot options and gave priority to my USB. Unraid booted right up and got a dynamic IP from my router. I modified my DHCP license and reboot the server to get the previous IP address.

Finishing it off

I went and restart my Docker instance and renabled the autostart option. After confirming that the network shares were up, I was done.


This process was very easy and the downtime was very minimal. If I wanted to move my install in the future, I’m glad that it wouldn’t be a nightmare to do.